Back in the dark cold winter of 2011 a team of designers, illustrators, architects and waiters, came together to scratch brows and wag beards in aid of devising a musical extravaganza far greater than any one of them could muster with their own measly two hands. After much scratching and wagging, it finally dawned upon them of there surely being nothing better to pour their cumulative efforts into, than making a giant set of glowing musical dentures.

With the help of many more hands and a number of kind donations, 6 months later the Denture Disco was born.

Standing at a jaw dropping 3.5 meters tall, the dentures boast 28 back lit fibre glass teeth, 12 sqm of beautiful pink gums, one gorgeous red leather DJ booth and one mighty red Perspex roof.

As darkness falls the teeth come to light, with sequenced lighting displays to please even the in the fussiest of denture dancers. When the mouth finally closes in the wee hours of the morning, a far smoother more relaxing light cycle emits from the teeth, providing a warm and inviting ebbing for people to gather around and share their denture dreams.

From Motown and Swing to Old School Garage and Anthemic Rock, the Denture Disco strives to provide the finest party selection any dentist or disco reveller could ever ask for. With plenty of plans to be venturing to a field you come 2013 stay tuned..

For up to date information on where the Dentures are next due to land, get in touch through